Hello everybody


My English is not very good at all, however this is really not the most important point when massaging, is it?

So if you are interested, you are most welcome!

I provide all sorts of physiotherapy techniques:

Relaxing, regeneration and sports-massage, Hot Stones, relieving blockings, manual lymphatic drainage, trigger points, vacuum therapy...

The treatment gets adjusted according to the individual client. If you do not suffer from pain or other discomfort, even so are you welcome. It is nice to stop a while and relax in the current hasty time we live in.

You shall relax, take the energy in, ....

I use natural aromatic oils, massaging bio oils and sports-emulsions.

Massage in a nice environment evokes a sense of relaxation and psychic snugness, relieves tired muscles and joints and may provide energy ...it simply purifies the body and soul.  


The charge is 950 CZK / 60 minutes

The whole body is 1 800 CZK /  2 hours

Hot Stones 800 CZK / 40 minutes or 1 600 CZK / 90 minutes



You can find me at the adress: Petrohradská 278/29, Praha 10 - Vršovice


Šárka Šlégrová

Phone: 606 565 767

Email: slegrovasarka@gmail.com